Minecraft Tundra Tower Expansion Playset Review (Mattel)

Minecraft Tundra Tower Expansion Playset
What It Is

Because Minecraft is all about building, you'll want to continue building your Minecraft world with the Minecraft Tundra Tower Expansion Playset. This gives Minecraft fans the chance to build their own worlds outside of the video game and play with or display five-inch Minecraft action figures. There are more than 25 ways for the pieces in this set to be assembled, giving kids plenty of customization options depending on how they want their Minecraft world to look.

And there are several play features. The set comes with a Zombie Villager figure with moving arm function thanks to a lever on its back. If he's wreaking too much havoc, push the hidden button to drop the Zombie Villager through the trap door. Then, close the iron bars to trap the Zombie Villager in the jail cell. 

Pull up on the pumpkin head to release the Snow Golem, or press the wooden plate for exploding TNT crater feature. This will reveal a hidden and removable Redstone.

The set comes with a Zombie Villager figure, a ladder, four torches, a Redstone, a storage chest, an ice cave section, a Snow Golem tower section, a snow archway section, and an L-shaped column.

Is It Fun?

Most of the pieces are already put together, which means assembly is very minimal. Kids don't have to worry about assembling all the small parts; instead they get to design different configurations for the larger pieces. This is going to be especially fun if kids have other Minecraft playsets and action figures because then they'll really be able to mix and match, and get creative with their builds. But on its own, this is still a fun playset that will inspire some creative play and storytelling for Minecraft fans.

Who It’s For

The Minecraft Tundra Tower Expansion Playset will be a lot of fun for Minecraft fans ages 6 and up. They can build however they want just like in the game.

What To Be Aware Of

Assembly is very easy because the pieces just snap together, and kids can really get creative and configure the pieces in many different ways.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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