Marvel Super Heroes Thor vs. Hulk: Arena Clash Review (LEGO)

Marvel Super Heroes Thor vs. Hulk: Arena Clash
What It Is

The Marvel Super Heroes Thor vs Hulk: Arena Clash Lego set is Lego item 76088. It includes 492 pieces and is intended for children ages 7-to-14. The set also comes with instructions and a comic-book. The set includes five figures: Thor, The Hulk, the Grandmaster, Loki, and a Sakarian Guard. There are plenty of weapons to go around, including Hulk's axe and war-hammer, and Thor's collection of swords, but not his iconic hammer.  The arena and figures takes about an hour to construct. The walls are hinged and can be adjusted. There is a punch-coded door where Thor is imprisoned, and both heroes can enter through the large sliding arena doors. Connect Thor to his super-jumper and watch him attack his enemies as Hulk does what he does best - smash! Walls are rigged to come down with the help of levers and hinges. Secret doors will reveal more weapons. 

Is It Fun?
Yes - Lego fans will enjoy building the arena and Marvel fans will love reenacting scenes from the movie. Hulk fans will smash!
Who It’s For
Lego and Marvel Super Hero enthusiasts, ages 7 to 14.
What To Be Aware Of
Hulk is not a classic mini-figure, but then again, there is nothing mini about the Hulk.  
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