Barbie Dream Camper Review (Mattel)

Barbie Dream Camper
What It Is

The Barbie Dream Camper from Mattel is a mobile RV made for Barbie and her friends. But don't for a second think this is just your average RV-this is Barbie, after all. From the exterior, this is a bright pink camper that kids can detail and decorate with the included stickers. Stickers include a customized Barbie license plate, window stickers that offer a peek inside on the road, and more. The real play, though, begins when you park this ride for a camp out. Press the button on top and the sides of the camper folds out. One side reveals a fold-out pool with slide, bathroom with shower, and living area. On the other side, you'll find a full kitchen with stovetop, oven, and fridge. Ready to sleep under the stars? Attach the two included hammocks or head to the roof of the camper and lay down.

Gather Barbie and her friends for a bonfire with the included accessories or dine al fresco with the fold-out leaf table and chairs. Fill up the pool with water for added play value.

Is It Fun?

If there was ever a character that went hand-in-hand with the "glamping" movement, it's Barbie. This is a fun vehicle toy for Barbie lovers to stir their imaginations and take off on their next road trip. For young Barbie fans, the different settings hidden within the camper are perfect for roleplay, while older Barbie lovers will like the attention to detail and modern amenities of this swanky RV. If only every camping experience could be as posh as Barbie's.

If we have one critique of this vehicle toy for Barbie, it's the price. At around $100, while loaded with 360-degrees of play, it's something gift givers will definitely want to take into account before hitting the "buy" button.

Who It’s For

The Barbie Dream Camper is for ages 3 and up from Mattel. This set will appeal to kids looking for new ways to play and interact with their collection of Barbie dolls. If they've already got Barbie's Dream House, they might be looking to take Barbie on the doll for a little mobile vehicle play. This set is also a fun option for kids in families that like to camp and go RVing so they can act out and recreate their own real world adventures with Barbie.

What To Be Aware Of

Because you can add water to the pool for added play, keep in mind that things can get a bit messy; prep a play space and remember to clean out the pool after use.

Barbie dolls are not included, which likely won't be an issue for most Barbie fans. But, if you are looking to add some new dolls to your collection, find them here.

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