Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Roto Revolution
What It Is

Get ready for a new spin on head-to-head Hot Wheels action with the Hot Wheels Roto Revolution track set. This rotating track set puts racers' skills to the test as they strategically launch their Hot Wheels cars onto the track and try to crash into their opponents' cars, bumping their opponent off the track. The last car racing wins. The set comes with two Hot Wheels cars and two two-speed rubber band-powered launchers.

Once you get everything set up, turn it on and watch the circular base rotate. There are two entry points for the cars, so you'll need to load up your car and get it ready to launch so that when an entry point comes your way, you can launch your car onto the track and through the track's three loops. Launch more and more Hot Wheels cars onto the set for even more crazy crashing action.

Is It Fun?

Hot Wheels fans are going to like that this track set is all about classic car crashing action and that there's a little bit of skill involved. It's really fun to watch the cars crash in the middle of the set, and we like that it comes with two cars for head-to-head competition right out of the box. We think kids are going to have fun experimenting with their other Hot Wheels cars to see which ones perform the best and trying to create crazy cool stunts in an attempt to be the winner in this spinning set.

Who It’s For

The Hot Wheels Roto Revolution track set is for ages 5 and up. This will be a fun set for Hot Wheels fans who are looking for classic Hot Wheels car crashing action.

What To Be Aware Of

This requires four D batteries, which are not included.

Assembly is required but is easy to do. It took us 15 minutes to put together. There are helpful tips on the back of the box, so make sure you pay attention to those when assembling.

This does not work with all Hot Wheels cars, and unfortunately, there is no good way to figure out which Hot Wheels cars will work and which ones won't. You'll just have to use trial and error.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 D batteries required