Cool Maker Sew N' Style Machine Review (Spin Master)

Cool Maker Sew N' Style Machine
What It Is

Make all kinds of cool stuff with the Cool Maker Sew N' Style Machine. This looks like a sewing machine, but it doesn't use thread and the five sewing needles are protected behind a needle guard to keep little hands safe. The Sew N' Style Machine comes with supplies and instructions for making five projects right out of the box: a plush unicorn, a plush butterfly, a glitter pouch with pom-pom tassel, a hair clip holder, and a scrunchie.

You get two sheets of glitter fabric, two Cool Maker pre-cut projects, a sheet of Cool Maker fabric, three Cool Maker decorative fabric pieces, a page of pop-out patterns, a pom-pom maker attachment, a piece of stretch fabric, a bag of stuffing, an elastic, a bundle of ribbon, a bundle of style string, two bundles of pom-pom yarn, and instructions.

The pop-out patterns help you trace and cut so you know just how much fabric you need for your projects. And the dotted lines on the pre-cut projects help you see where to sew. It's really as easy as placing your fabric underneath the Sew N' Style Machine needle guard, pressing the button to turn it on, and feeding the fabric along from the starting point to the end point per the dotted line. Then turn off the machine.

Is It Fun?

Some people out there are going to say that this isn't really sewing, it's more like felting. And they would be correct. But either way, it's a fun and crafty activity that gives kids who are too young to have a real sewing machine a machine that works like a sewing machine while keeping kids fingers away from sharp needles and aiming to make the overall "sewing" process a little bit easier. We like that there are a variety of projects kids can make with this kit, and all the tools are included and the instructions are easy to follow. The more comfortable kids become using the Sew N' Style Machine, the more they will want to create their own projects to "sew".

Who It’s For

The Cool Maker Sew N' Style Machine is for ages 6 and up. Adult supervision is advised.

This is a great beginner sewing machine for kids with an interest in sewing and fashion.

What To Be Aware Of

This machine requires four AA batteries, which are not included.

Refill packs are available and sold separately.

This is an update of Spin Master's Sew Cool Sewing Studio that came out in 2013.

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    4 AA batteries required