Project Mc2 Adrienne's Gummies Review (MGA Entertainment)

Project Mc2 Adrienne's Gummies
What It Is

Get creative just like Adrienne from the Project Mc2 TV show with the Project Mc2 Adrienne's Gummies doll and experiment kit. This comes with an Adrienne fashion doll dressed in a long pink gown with a high-low skirt patterned with butterflies. Her blonde hair is pulled back into a low ponytail, and she wears floral socks with glittery sandals. The doll wears a pair of pink glasses and comes with a beaker-shaped comb.

When not playing with the doll, kids can use the gummy pen and gummy tray to make their own candy or soap gummies. You'll need to provide your own ingredients for this, such as water, unflavored gelatin, flavored gelatin, salt, a spoon, a measuring cup, food coloring, a glass mixing bowl, oven mitts, a sauce pan, and liquid body soap. The use of a stove is also required for both experiments, so adult supervision will be necessary.

Once you've melted either the candy gelatin or the soap gelatin, you use the gummy pen to suck up the mixture and then plunge it into the shapes in the gummy tray. You can make candy or soap that looks like butterflies, flowers, bows, birds, and hearts. The gummies will need to rest for 15 minutes before eating, while the soap will need to be placed in the fridge for three hours before you remove and use them.

The back of the box provides some information on the science of how gelatin works when mixed with water.

Is It Fun?

Kids who are fans of the Project Mc2 TV show will like getting a fashion doll so that they can play out what they see on the show and a science experiment so that they can pretend to be just like Adrienne. 

Unfortunately, the gummies experiment didn't work as well as hoped. We made the candy gummies because we figured kids would be more drawn to making their own candy, and while the end result tasted good (we did pick out our own flavor of gelatin, after all), it didn't look pretty. It seems that, based on the instructions, the soap gummies might work out better, and you will have an extra packet of unflavored gelatin left over so you can do that experiment, too.

Who It’s For

The Project Mc2 Adrienne's Gummies doll set is for ages 6 and up with adult supervision. This will be a fun doll and experiment for fans of the TV show.

What To Be Aware Of

You'll need to provide water, unflavored gelatin, flavored gelatin, salt, a spoon, a measuring cup, food coloring, a glass mixing bowl, oven mitts, a sauce pan, and liquid body soap in order to make the candy and soap gummies. The use of a stove is required, so an adult should supervise kids during that step.

The candy gummies experiment is messy and didn't work very well. The instructions say to let the dissolved gummy mixture cool down for 10 minutes, but this allowed the liquefied mixture to harden, which meant that it was impossible to gather the mixture into the gummy pen plunger. We had to use a spoon. We also think you'll want to spray down the mold with baking spray first to make it a little easier to remove the gummies from the molds.

Wash all of the tools before first use and after each subsequent use. The gummy pen and tray are dishwasher safe.

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