Project Mc2 Bryden's Phone Case Review (MGA Entertainment)

Project Mc2 Bryden's Phone Case
What It Is

The Project MC2 Experiments Bryden's Phone Case set is a new doll and STEAM craft combo pack. 

As the techie genius of the Project MC2 group, Bryden is all about keeping up with the latest happenings in the tech world as well as music and pretty much anything digital. This set comes with a fully articulated Bryden Bandweth doll that's masquerade ready. Tapping into the Project Mc2 storyline, this doll is based on when the girls go undercover at the masquerade prom. The doll wears a funky mermaid-inspired sequined skirt and pink sleeve-less top, has a rainbow-colored mane, lime green headband with glitter starfish, hot pink masquerade mask, long lashes, starfish earrings, and platform sneakers. 

In addition to the obvious fashion and hair play that's encouraged through this doll's styling, the bonus for kids will be the phone case craft. The kit comes with glitter but you will need glycerin, which is not included to complete this DIY phone craft. The doll's packaging explains that the phone case experiment is meant to show how oil and water don't mix and that oil will always float to the top because of its lower density. Kids can mix water with oil (glycerin) plus the included glitter and optional food coloring in the phone case and then use it for their iPhone 6/6S device.

Is It Fun?

While a fun idea in theory, this is a craft that is made more difficult because of the need for glycerin to complete the craft. It's not something everyone keeps lying around their home. We ended up going onto Amazon to purchase a small bottle that while inexpensive adds to the time it would take to complete a fairly straight forward craft. 

Additionally this case is only made to house an iPhone 6/6S, so unless you own one of these devices or are planning to gift it for someone else it defeats the point of the purchase a bit, in our opinion. We did test it with an iPhone 6 and it does seem to really hold the phone in place well but it also adds a lot of bulk to the device. 

That said, if you are looking to get this set more so for the doll than the STEAM activity, the doll has a lot of play value to it and very fashionable styling with poseability. 

Who It’s For

The Project MC2 Experiments Bryden's Phone Case is for ages 6 and up from MGA Entertainment. It will yield a lot of fun for fans and especially those that enjoy the doll play, less so though if you are looking to purchase this set for the STEAM activity.

What To Be Aware Of
Glycerin is not included but required to complete this crafty STEAM activity. We found ours on Amazon.

Additional Masquerade Project MC2 dolls are also available and sold separately.

The phone case is only compatible with iPhone 6/6S devices.  

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