Light Hound Visibility Vest Review (Noxgear)

Light Hound Visibility Vest
What It Is

If safety is a concern on evening walks or runs with your dog you might want to try the extremely bright, Lighthound Visibility Vest from Noxgear. The Lighthound Visibility Vest has ultra bright LED lights piped throughout giving it 360 degree visibility. The vest can also change colors and go in and out of flashing modes with a simple push of a button. The Lighthound Vest is re-chargeable using any USB port and and has a 12 hour life span. You also don't have to worry about weather since the Lighthound Vest is rainproof and all season since the lightsource is protected by a silicon rubber case which is removable for machine washing. The vest is lightweight and has adjustments so you can place it over a doggy coat or jacket or have Fido wear it as a vest. There is no question about the safety features of the Lighthound Visibility Vest, it is bright!

Why Is It Useful?

Automobile drivers have more to distract them then ever before so a bright LED vest like the Lighthound, provides a layer of safety for pet parents and their pooches who go for walks or runs in low level light conditions.

Who It’s For

The Lighthound Visibility Vest is for any dog and/or pet parent who go for walks or runs during times of low-level light conditions. The Lighthound Vest is available in different sizes so it should fit any dog size or breed.

What To Be Aware Of

The Lighthound Visibility Vest is rechargeable using a supplied cord in any USB port. The charge will last up to 12 hours of use before needing to re-charged. There is a knob under the vest that we feel could be uncomfortable on your dogs bare back if used for a prolonged period of time. Also, we feel that if your dog's fur is long or thick it could get caught in this knob causing further discomfort. This should not be a problem with short-haired dogs. There is a ring on the vest suggesting it could be used with a leash as a harness. Unfortunately the design includes a strap up high on the dog's neck. If you're dog is a puller that could cause injury to the neck and throat especially on smaller breeds. We do not suggest using this as an everyday harness unless your dog does not pull at all when leashed.

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