Meowzies Lux Review (Spin Master)

Meowzies Lux
What It Is

The new Zoomer Meowzies Cattitude Collection Lux from Spin Master is part the Zoomer line of animatronic pets. Lux is a teal tech toy pet featuring a fuzzy glittery tail and LED eyes. It's legs can also be posed and feature wheels at the base, which kids can use to roll their kitty manually across surfaces. Your Meowzie will come to life and respond to different touch point activations on its head, back, and chest. For example, you can rub your Meowzie's head or back to hear different cat-like sounds or wave your hand in front of its chest sensor for different reactions. You'll know how your Meowzie feels based on its eyes. The more you play with your Meowzies the happier they will be. 

Meowzies also features nose and back buttons, which allow Meowzie owners to activate different actions and games, and LED eyes. Press its back button to enter games mode. There are seven different games, which you can cycle through by tapping your Meowzies head. You'll know which game you're in by the LED display on your Meowzie's eyes. To select a game, either wait three seconds or press its nose. 


Dice Game: The dice game is a game of luck in which you roll the dice in your Meowzie's eyes to see who has better luck. 

Music Mode: In Music Mode use the Meowzies' chest sensor to play different nose and have your Meowzie sing along to songs. 

Hot Hands: In Hot Hands, respond quickly to different symbols in your Meowzie's eyes, but move too slow or perform the wrong action, and it's game over. 

Purrfect Pose: In Purrfect Pose, pretend to snap photos of your Meowzie when its eyes show a kitty symbol by tapping its head. It turns into a game by seeing how many you can get in a row and moving faster. 

Fashion Match: In Fashion Match, try to match the symbols. Your Meowzie's left eye will feature a symbol such as lips or a high heel. Once the right eye starts cycling through symbols, try to land on the matching symbol. 

Meow Hero: In Meow Hero, catch the falling music notes to keep one of two songs ("You Are My Sunshine" and "Pop Goes the Weasel") going. 

Guard Mode: You can also set your Meowzies into guard mode, to make them hiss when they sense someone is moving too close---this might definitely come in handy if you've got some nosy siblings. 

Is It Fun?

Overall, this is a fun interactive toy pet. We like that it doesn't just stick with the classic pet responses and interactions and offers built-in games for added play value, and thus repeat play value. 

Who It’s For

Meowzies are for ages 5 and up. Meowzies will appeal to kids that like pet play and games as well as parents looking for perhaps a less messy, less responsibility option to your kids' pleas for a real kitty.

What To Be Aware Of

As a bonus, if you've got two Meowzies, you can also make them interact and play together by putting their noses together until they sync.

Meowzies run on three AAA batteries, which are not included. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AAA batteries required