Justice League Action Superman & Justice 1 Review (Mattel)

Justice League Action Superman & Justice 1
What It Is

Justice League Action is still in its first season on Cartoon Network, and to complement a show that does away with side-plots and dives right into the action, Mattel created a line of action figures and paired one of them with an unnecessary vehicle.

Superman & Justice 1 features an exclusive version of Superman in a black suit with a red cape. And, for some reason he comes with a spaceship. While Superman and Batman are the breadwinners for DC, and they are clearly the characters kids will gravitate to, this toy makes no sense because  Superman flies in space unaided in this show. Therefore, this set would have worked better with a non-spacefaring character like the Flash or Green Arrow or 90% of the characters featured in the show.

While never featured in Justice League Action, this version of Superman is interesting. The black costume looks good and it has a cloth cape, and he has multiple moving parts, which lets kids pose Superman in a variety of ways. Justice 1 is also a decent representation of a Justice League animated cruiser.

Is It Fun?

The figure and vehicle themselves are just OK and offer some basic play features. In fact, Mattel tried to add a few features to the ship, it's cockpit opens, allowing Superman to fit inside, a blaster that can shoot two included projectiles. The  blaster also detaches for use as a handheld weapon for all those times Superman needs extra firepower. Additionally, the jet's thrusters come off and turn into a jetpack.

The accessories are a bit of fun and offer some open ended play, providing you give them to a different figure - let's say Black Canary or Batman or any of a dozen others. But, with an MSRP of $29.99, even though it's age graded for 4 years and up, this toy doesn't have enough going for it to justify a purchase.

Who It’s For

This is very much a toy for kids who love Justice League Action or Superman and don't really discriminate when it comes to which toys they play with. Also, there may be interest from action figure customizers who can likely transform this version of Superman into "Red Sun Superman" with ease.

What To Be Aware Of
This ship is very light and will likely not hold up to rigorous play, especially if a child thinks that throwing a spaceship makes it fly.
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    Medium Difficulty