Nerf Rebelle Combow Review (Hasbro)

Nerf Rebelle Combow
What It Is

Whether you want a bow or a blaster, you've got it with the Nerf Rebelle Combow. This is actually two different Nerf Rebelle toys in one. You've got a blaster that fires four darts, and a bow that fires four darts. Both can be used on their own.

Or you can combine them using the Tactical Rail system to create a cross bow, or a Combow. When connected, you'll be able to launch darts from each item separately or together for double-fire action. Either way you'll need to pull back on each handle before pulling the trigger on the blaster to fire. Squeezing the trigger halfway will first fire one dart from the bow, and then squeezing the rest of the way will fire one dart from the blaster. But if you squeeze the trigger all the way, darts will fire from both the bow and the blaster.

The Combow comes with eight purple Nerf Accustrike darts.

Is It Fun?

On its own, the bow launched the darts about 20 feet, but it was kind of inconsistent in performance. The blaster had better performance, launching the darts about 30 feet. And when combined, the darts flew about 30 feet, too. Still, with three different options, the Combow is versatile and can easily adapt to whatever kids need in their Nerf battles.

Who It’s For

The Nerf Rebelle Combow is for ages 8 and up. Girls who like playing with Nerf blasters will enjoy the Nerf Rebelle line, which is geared specifically toward them with its color scheme and graphics. It's a cool three-in-one blaster that will get kids playing and being active outside.

What To Be Aware Of

It's a little difficult to pull back on the bow when it's in the Crossbow mode. We had a few misfires because of this.

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