Nintendo 2DS XL Review (Nintendo)

Nintendo 2DS XL
What It Is

Nintendo created the first 2DS as an inexpensive entry-level version of the popular 3DS handheld system, and they've just refreshed the 2DS with a redesign that's very 3DS-looking.  

The New Nintendo 2DS XL from Nintendo is the second version of Nintendo's 2DS line of handheld game systems. This new entry to the DS handheld gaming line replaces the first Nintendo 2DS's slightly odd, slate design with a clamshell case design, which is what the more advanced Nintendo 3DS case design looks like. 

Essentially, the New Nintendo 2DS XL does everything that the 3DS game system does, and features several improvements over the first Nintendo 2DS, including an updated processor, additional controls, and Amiibo support. The main difference between the New 2DS Xl and the 3DS systems is the fact that the 2DS handhelds can not display games in 3D (3-dimension). Instead, the New 2DS XL (and the original 2DS) displays all the games designed for 3D, in 2D. 

The New 2DS XL comes loaded with multiple software apps, including a camera, Mii maker and the popular Mii Plaza that allows people to interact with other 2DS & 3DS users when they pass each other on the street in the real world. 

The New Nintendo 2DS XL also includes AR (Augmented Reality) games that utilize the device's camera and screen to give the appearance of a digital item, in your real world environment. The system comes with AR cards that unlock games utilizing the handheld's camera and augmented reality gaming. 

Is It Fun?
What makes this new 2DS fun is the fact that it allows you to play all the games for the 3DS, on a more powerful system that looks like a 3DS, rather than a weird slab.  
Who It’s For
The New Nintendo 2DS XL is an entry-level system, which makes it perfect for young gamers, who may not be ready for a more expensive 3DS XL. It also weighs less than the 3DS, which is good for young gamers, and anyone looking to reduce the overall weight of all the gadgets and gear they carry around. 
What To Be Aware Of
The 2DS XL plays all Nintendo 3DS games so when you see a game in a store that says Nintendo 3DS - that means it is also playable on the 2DS. 
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