Simon Optix Review (Hasbro)

Simon Optix
What It Is

Simon Optix, from Hasbro Gaming, is intended for players 8+, and requires four triple-A batteries, not included. The basic gameplay is the same as the original Simon now and you get to wear a cool headset and visor. The headset is adjustable and should fit most heads. As colored lights appear on your visor, repeat them by hovering a hand in front of that spot. In addition to single colors, Simon might double-up colors or offer a swoop from one side of the visor to another. If your are successful, all the lights will flash and you'll hear the chimes of victory. If you failed, you will hear the sounds of disappointment. Lights will then tell you your score. A dial on the right side of the headset controls power, new games and volume. In addition to single-player mode, you can sync your headset with a friend, for some multiplayer game action!

Is It Fun?

Yes! It's that same, fun Simon game-play, and the visor and headset gives this classic a great new twist.

Who It’s For

Game-players and Simon-enthusiasts, ages 8+.

What To Be Aware Of

It might take a few games to get the hang of it. The volume control is a bit tricky, and the visor can be dizzying, especially if you are looking through it while not playing the game.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions


    3 AAA batteries required