Soggy Doggy Review (Spin Master)

Soggy Doggy
What It Is

Make it around the game board or get wet when you play Soggy Doggy. The centerpiece of this silly game is an electronic dog with rubbery fur that's going to soak up water and shake it all around when you're least expecting it.

The game is for two to four players, and each player picks a game token: a bar of soap, a rubber duck, a paw print, or a dog bone. The game tokens all get placed on the Soggy Doggy start space of the circular game board that goes around the Soggy Doggy in his bathtub. You'll also need to fill the tub with water and push down on the paw print handle a few times to prime the shower and get the doggy a bit soggy.

Then, players take turns rolling the die, moving their token around the board, and performing the appropriate action. For instance, if you roll a pink, yellow, blue, or red, you move your token to the first unoccupied space of the matching color on the board. Then, you follow the action shown on that space, which will either be a paw print or a dog bone. A paw print means you push down on the paw print handle the number of times shown to get the dog soaked. A dog bone means you turn the bone handle the number of times shown. Turning the handle is what will eventually cause the dog to start shaking, but you don't know when that will happen.

If the dog starts shaking on your turn, turn the bone handle again to stop the shaking, move your token back to start, and pick up a disc with the matching symbol to your playing piece. If the dog shakes again on your turn and you already have the matching symbol disc, you can give it back in order to keep your game token where it is on the board.

Other spots on the die include roll again and a paw print symbol, which means you can move your playing piece to the space in front of the player who is in the lead. You still have to perform the action on that space.

The first player to get his or her token around the board and back to the start space wins.

Is It Fun?

You know how much fun it is when you give your dog a bath and he shakes himself dry all over you? Well, that's what this game is. Only it really is fun, and you don't get as wet as you might be thinking, but you still might want to cover your play space. It's a silly and suspenseful game that is easy to learn how to play and will be fun for the whole family to play together.

Who It’s For

Soggy Doggy is for ages 4 and up. It's a silly game with a level of suspense that little kids especially are going to like. The game is easy to learn and can be played by the whole family.

What To Be Aware Of

The game requires three AA batteries, which are not included.

The game does come with a Soggy Doggy, a dog frame, a bath tub, a game board, four game pieces, four tokens, and a die.

It's recommended that you wash and thoroughly rinse the dog before first use.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AA batteries required