Zoomer Show Pony Review (Spin Master)

Zoomer Show Pony
What It Is

Let the show begin with Zoomer Show Pony. The latest addition to the Zoomer collection of electronic animals is a pink and white pony that is ready to learn some moves and tricks for the big show. Zoomer Show Pony comes with an apple accessory, a carrot accessory, a hair brush, and a sugar cube accessory so that kids can feed, groom, and train their pony. The pony's LED eyes, touch sensors, accessory detector, heart button, and IR sensors allow the pony to interact with kids via touch and the accessories.

When you first turn on Zoomer Show Pony, it will be in Pony mode. In this mode, you can pet one of its cheeks or its nose, and the pony will move its head from side to side. If you pet both cheeks at the same time, the pony will neigh "I love you".

You can also feed the pony its apple. The eyes will show apples and go from hungry to full the longer you feed it the apple. If you see the pony with sad eyes and hear its tummy rumbling, then you'll know the pony is hungry and wants to eat its apple.

Feeding the pony its sugar cube will activate licking sounds and make the pony happy. If you feed the pony the sugar cube three times in a row quickly, the pony will perform a sugar dance. Six times in a row makes the pony hyper. Pet both cheeks for five seconds to calm the pony down.

Grooming mode can be entered by brushing the pony's hair with the hairbrush or petting both cheeks for a few seconds. In this mode, you can brush and style the pony's hair. It will also move its head when you touch its cheeks and nose.

Feed the pony the carrot to enter Training mode. Once you see trophy eyes, you can make the pony spin right or left by touching either the right or left cheek. Once the pony does the spin tricks enough times, you'll be able to tell the pony how many times it should spin right or to do a figure eight. Petting both cheeks will make the pony do a music trick. Petting its nose activates a prance wiggle trick, and petting and holding the nose activates a backward trot trick.

And Zoomer Show Pony will follow your hand and make clip-clop sounds when you wave your hand in front of its chest. However, it is difficult to get your hand in just the right spot to make this trick work.

You can also randomly activate some of these tricks, including singing, at any time when you press the heart button twice.

If you hold the carrot up to the pony's mouth until you see showtime eyes and hear trumpets, then you'll be able to program the pony to do up to five moves. Give the order of moves by petting the cheeks or nose.

Is It Fun?

Real show ponies are expensive and require a lot of work. Not so with the toy version! Kids who like horses will have a lot of fun interacting with Zoomer Show Pony and putting this toy through its paces. There are a lot of different things that Zoomer can do, and kids will have fun teaching Zoomer tricks, grooming their pony, and putting on a horse show right at home. This will inspire a lot of imaginative and nurturing play.

Who It’s For

Zoomer Show Pony is for ages 5 and up. It's a fun and interactive way for kids who like horses to care for one of their very own.

What To Be Aware Of

Zoomer Show Pony requires four AA batteries, which are not included.

The toy has two levels of volume.

Because the pony does move around a lot, you shouldn't play with it on a tabletop. It works best on smooth, flat surfaces in a large open area.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 AA batteries required