Twinkle & Soothe Owl Projector Review (VTech)

Twinkle & Soothe Owl Projector
What It Is

For babies with an owl-themed nursery, the VTech Baby Twinkle & Soothe Owl Projector will fit right in with the decor. This owl-shaped projector stands on its own so you can place it out on a dresser top, or you can attach it to a crib via the included straps. But no matter where you place it, it projects a calming rotating image, plays more than 50 sounds and music, and glows softly to help lull baby to sleep.

It has a lot of options. Turn it on and select either Lullaby mode, which plays sing-along songs and soothing melodies, or Sound mode, which plays soothing sounds. In either mode, you can choose to have no lights on at all, a rotating projection image on the ceiling and soft lights in the owl's tummy, no projection image and just the lights in the tummy, or no lights in the tummy and only a projection image.

There are also three motor modes. You can choose to have the owl's eyes open and close as the 3-D image in its tummy moves, only have movement in the tummy, or have no movement at all.

And if you're ready to move on to the next sound or song, just press the green leaf music button.

You can also slide the timer switch to 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Once the set time has expired, the unit will enter sleep mode.

And there is a sound sensor option. If you turn it on, the Twinkle & Soothe Owl Projector will play soothing sounds and music when it hears your baby cry.

Plus, if you need to start, pause, or control the volume without disturbing your baby, just use the remote control. The rotatable receiver on the projector ensures that you receive an optimal signal between the unit and remote up to 30 feet.

Why Is It Useful?

Products like this are a great option for helping soothe babies to sleep. Plus, it plays into the owl trend happening in kids' room decor these days. The glowing lights, the lullabies, and the sounds combine to create a calming environment. And with the remote control, parents can easily turn the unit off and on without going into the nursery and potentially waking up the baby. The sound sensor is pretty cool because it will automatically turn the unit back on if it detects your baby's cry, which means there's one less step for mom and dad, but it's not a replacement for mom and dad, so you will have to go into the nursery if the baby cannot be soothed back to sleep.

Who It’s For

The Twinkle & Soothe Owl Projector is for ages birth and up. It has a lot of features designed to help soothe the youngest babies to sleep.

What To Be Aware Of

The projector requires four AA batteries, and the remote requires two AAA batteries. All batteries are included for the in-store try-me features only and should be replaced for best results.

You should remove the projector from the crib once your baby begins sitting up or pushing up on all fours.

When you use the remote to change the volume, the projector unit makes a sound every time you press the volume button, and that sort of disrupts the calming music and sounds.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 AA & 2 AAA batteries required