Nerf Mega Twinshock Review (Hasbro)

Nerf Mega Twinshock
What It Is

Have you ever wanted a Nerf blaster that can shoot two giant darts at once? Well, the Mega Twinshock can do that and more! Just pump it, pull the trigger and watch the Mega darts fly up to 90 feet.

This blaster has a lot of positives going for it. First of all, it's huge. Second, it's red and orange. When combined, this design gives it a slightly more menacing look than other Nerf blasters. Beyond the style, the function is great. It's a front-loading blaster, and thanks to a layout of five rows with two darts each, it's very easy to reload.

When using the blaster, you can either shoot two darts simultaneously or one at a time by tapping the trigger lightly or priming the pump rapidly. You can also go into rapid fire mode by holding down the trigger and while priming the pump. Of course, in rapid fire mode, you'll go through the 10 dart capacity almost instantly, leaving you a bit unarmed if you're in a big Nerf blaster battle.

Also, the Nerf Mega Twinshock is compatible with the tactical rail system, featuring two rails, as well as two strap slots. While the accessories are sold separately, you try to find a Mega dart clip to attach to reload without having to hunt down your darts.

Is It Fun?

While it's not the greatest blaster in the history of Nerf, it's still a very fun toy, and beyond the blaster basics, if you shoot from a distance, the Mega darts make a whistling sound.

Who It’s For
This is a great blaster for anyone who wants extra firepower during a Nerf blaster battle, and the Mega darts make it easier to hit your targets.
What To Be Aware Of

The only issue with Nerf Mega Twinshock is that if you shoot a friend from too close, they may wind up with a pretty big welt. So, clearly keep some distance between you and your target. stand back before shooting at your friend, even though the welt will subside by the next day.

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