Mr. Pencil's Scribble & Write Review (LeapFrog)

Mr. Pencil's Scribble & Write
What It Is

Writing is fun with Mr. Pencil and the Mr. Pencil's Scribble & Write toy. This tablet-esque device aims to help preschoolers with letters and numbers, handwriting, and spelling. It has 26 letter buttons, 10 number buttons, six activity buttons, a built-in Mr. Pencil stylus, and a touch-sensitive LCD screen.

Press an activity button to get started. The Free Draw mode lets kids draw whatever they want and then tap their creations to animate them.

Follow the dotted lines to trace shapes in Shapes mode, uppercase letters in Uppercase Letters mode, lowercase letters in Lowercase Letters mode, and numbers in Numbers mode.

The Spelling activity has three levels of difficulty and will ask kids to match the letter to its sound, fill in the missing letter to spell a simple word, and use the letter buttons to type out a given word.

At any time you can also press the letter buttons to hear letter names and sounds, or press the number buttons to hear the number names.

Is It Fun?

This toy makes writing fun and interactive. We like the step-by-step instructions that show kids how to draw shapes and write numbers and letters. And holding the stylus to trace helps kids with their handwriting grip. There are a lot of good educational benefits with this that parents will appreciate, but the different activities, free draw mode, and fun animations is what will keep kids engaged in the play.

Who It’s For

Mr. Pencil's Scribble & Write is for ages 3 to 5. It's a fun and interactive way to help preschoolers with letters, numbers, handwriting, and spelling.

What To Be Aware Of

The toy comes with three AA batteries. Those power the in-store try-me features, so you might want to replace them before you play for best results.

The toy has two volume settings. You can also adjust background music, screen contrast, and calibration.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AA batteries required