Telly the Teaching Time Clock Review (The Learning Journey International)

Telly the Teaching Time Clock
What It Is

Telly the Teaching Time Clock from The Learning Journey International are colorful, friendly clocks that are great for preschoolers as they begin the process of telling time. You can choose from a red and blue version or a pink and purple version, each sold separately. 

The clock has a big analog face that looks like a friendly character. Below the analog face is a real digital clock so kids begin to become familiar with different ways to tell time. The clock is designed with two basic activities. Tell Time fosters open-ended exploration as children move the hands around the face and begin to understand the relationship of hours and minutes in physical play that they control. You can switch the clock to Quiz Mode where the clock says a time, and the child has to move the hands to the specific time. The time is designed in five-minute increments, and the hands move easily between them. 

Is It Fun?

Kids love learning about the world around them, and from their earliest days they begin to have an idea of time, but it's a relatively complex concept, and it takes a while for kids to master it. Having this approachable, friendly character to help guide them through the process make learning about time interactive and fun. The built in activities give kids some guidance as they learn, but this is also great for co-play with adults and children as the little ones start to put the concepts together. 

Ideally, parents can create all kinds of games with children as they master time, such as set the clock to dinner time, or what time do we go to bed? But it's always important to remember that learning to tell time is a process, and that concepts such as past and future take a while to develop for kids who understand the present more easily. 

Who It’s For
This toys is designed for kids ages 3 years and up. 

It's great for all types of kids as they are learning to tell time, but it will probably most appeal to kids at the younger age of the spectrum who will respond to the friendly character. 

What To Be Aware Of

The  real benefit of this play is to familiarize kids with clocks and telling time. At the younger age of 3, time is still an abstract concept, but children will certainly be aware the role that time plays in their lives. The value of this clock is that it simply and encouragingly introduces kids to the clock face as well as a digital read out. Most kids will be proud of their ability to master these concepts as they play. 

This kind of play is also helpful to build cognitive skills that will help kids with linguistic concepts and basic math. Remember, time to a preschooler is an abstract concept, and learning to tell time can be complicated. In fact, most ,kids don't fully understand time conceptually until ages 7 or 8, but learning on Telly and mixing both the analog and digital representations of time, as well as playing various games and interaction with grown ups, goes a long way to building a solid educational foundation for an important part of life. 

The batteries are included for Try-Me purposes. For best results, replace them with fresh batteries when you get the toy home.

A pink and purple version is available as well.

Telly is already in use in many preschools as a teaching aid, so don't be suprised if kids already know this character. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AA batteries required