Flip-Top Straw Cups Review (Chicco)

Flip-Top Straw Cups
What It Is

Straw cups are just another step in a child's evolution of drinking skills. But they can be hard to clean. Not so with the NaturalFit 9oz Insulated Flip-Top Straw Cups. These are easy to clean in just a few pieces, but they have a lot of other great features, too.

These nine-ounce cups come in sets of two, and have double-walled insulation to keep cold beverages colder longer. Each cup comes apart in three pieces: the cup, the lid, and a two-piece straw. That's it. Removing the straw from the lid is very easy to do, as is replacing the straw through the lid. The straw and lid can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher, while it's recommended that you hand-wash the cup because of the insulation feature.

The silicone straw can also easily be hidden away between drinks thanks to the sliding top, and whether the straw is hidden or exposed, there is no leaking. That's because gentle sipping is needed to activate the flow of liquid.

The cup also has a contoured shape to make it easy for small hands to hold with ergonomic indents to guide hand placement.

And the cups fit in most stroller, car seat, and car cup holders to make it easy to take them on the go.

The cups are free of BPA, PVC, and latex. They come in a set of pink and purple jewel tones or blue and teal jewel tones.

Why Is It Useful?

Straw cups are very useful. First, using them can actually help a child's speech development because the shape a child's mouth makes when sucking liquid through the straw helps build lip, cheek, and tongue strength. Plus, drinking from a straw is a skill that a child can use as an adult. 

But these straw cups are particularly useful because there aren't a lot of parts to take apart. Cleaning these cups is so easy, making them almost as functional for parents as they are for little kids. Plus, we like the sleek design and pretty colors of these cups.

Who It’s For

The NaturalFit 9oz Insulated Flip-Top Straw Cups are for ages 12 months and up. The ergonomic design of the cups makes it easy for small hands to hold.

What To Be Aware Of

The cups we're showing in this video review are pink and purple. A teal and blue set is also available and sold separately.

These cups are interchangeable with other NaturalFit lids, valves, and cups.

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