Disney Pixar Cars 3 TechTouch Lightning McQueen Review (Mattel)

Disney Pixar Cars 3 TechTouch Lightning McQueen
What It Is

Help Lightning McQueen get ready for his next big race with Tech Touch Lightning McQueen, a larger-scale interactive version of kids' favorite little red racer. With this 15-inch version of Lightning McQueen, fans can pretend to join McQueen's pit crew and help him prepare and tune up for every race. To get started, press the power button on toward the rear of Lightning McQueen and he'll spring to life. The cool part though is his built-in touchscreen control pad, which basically looks, at first glance, like the rear window of the car. Using the screen, kids can have McQueen go into one of three modes for play: Race mode, Custom mode, and Story mode. 

In Race mode, Lightning can pretend to race the course of one of three famed tracks from the World of Cars. There's the Fireball Beach Track, Thunder Hollow Track, and the Florida 500 Track. Select a track and then prep Lightning for the race. Kids can make sure he's got enough gas and oil in the tank, change his tires to handle the course, such as mud tires for Thunder Hollow, chose the race area you've got to work with (small, medium, or large) and adjust his speed. Then it's go time; Stand back and watch him go. Sometimes Lightning may need some extra help during a race if for example he blows a tire or runs out of gas. But make it to the finish line, and the screen will show his signature catchphrase and play sound effects of a cheering crowd. 

In Custom mode, kids can draw a quick course for Lightning McQueen then adjust the settings (tires, gas, room size) to race your course. You can customize multiple courses for this little racer. 

In Story mode, McQueen will simply engage kids by telling them tales of his racing adventures from the World of Cars. One thing that further helps brings this lovable character to life is the animations and movements he makes. McQueen's mouth will move as he talks and he'll shift his weight and move his tires to express his excitement. 

A micro USB cable is also included, which you can connect to your computer to update Tech Touch content so the toy will continue to offer kids new experiences. 

Is It Fun?
While the toy is fun, we ran into multiple problems with the wheels properly engaging on this toy; After only a day of play, the toy essentially stopped responding. We tested multiple samples and this happened with every one we tested, sometimes in even less time. Perhaps it was just early production samples, but if not this toy is not worth the money which is really a shame given how much great interaction and repeat play is built in.
Who It’s For

The Tech Touch Lightning McQueen is for ages 4 and up from Mattel. It will appeal to fans of the Disney Cars movies and kids that like interactive race-fueled play.

What To Be Aware Of

As mentioned in the Is It Fun? section, we had a lot of issues with this toy. In terms of trouble-shooting though, first we suggest swapping out the batteries for fresh ones to ensure that's not the issue. If the toy still isn't functioning properly, there is a reset button located on the base of the vehicle. Press it using a safety pin then try restarting the toy.

The vehicle takes six AA batteries, which are not included.

If you don't have a large play space or may have some obstacles in your way, make sure your setting for Crash Avoidance is turned on. This will help McQueen to detect anything in his way and right himself a bit better if he does have a collision.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    6 AA batteries required