Teddy Ruxpin Review (Wicked Cool Toys)

Teddy Ruxpin
What It Is

This new and improved Teddy Ruxpin from Wicked Cool Toys brings back the interactive story-telling teddy bear that captivated children of the 80s. On outward appearance, this new 14-inch tall Teddy now features an updated outfit, a super soft body, touch-point sensors to access content, and animated LCD eyes with more than 40 different expressions. His eye expressions also sync to the stories he tells to bring the content to life, while also teaching kids a bit of emotional recognition.

Those that played with the original may also remember how Teddy housed and played cassette tapes to read to kids. This feature also made Teddy a very heavy teddy bear. Thanks in part to Bluetooth technology, this Teddy is lighter and more cuddly.

Teddy comes preloaded with three original stories that feature some of the other classic Teddy Ruxpin characters such as Grubby. Stories include The Airship, All About Bears, and Captured by Mudblups.

To listen to a story, give Teddy's left paw a squeeze. To pause the story, simply squeeze it again. To chose another story squeeze his other paw. If you choose to download the free Teddy Ruxpin app, you can sync your Bluetooth device to Teddy and kids can read along on their device as Teddy tells the story. Because he uses TalkSync technology, Teddy's mouth movements are always perfectly synced to the words on the digital pages.

There is also a Touch Sensor on his chest to join in a sing-along with teddy. Parents can also purchase additional content through the app and give Teddy any updates by syncing him to your computer.

Is It Fun?

This is a multi-generational toy perfect for today's millennial moms and dads that want to share their own childhood experiences that they had with Teddy with their own kids, but in a way that better meets their more tech-savvy world. Additionally this toy is well-suited for engaging kids in quiet storytime companionship. The app is not essential to the play, which for Teddy's target audience (ages 2 and up) is just fine. The storytelling alone is enough to aid development of language and listening skills, plus it's the emotive features of the toy that also aid in telling the stories for this age group.

Who It’s For

Teddy Ruxpin is for ages 2 and up. It will appeal to millennial parents for its nostalgic factors that harken back to their own childhoods as well as kids that want a cuddly companion and enjoy storytime. Teddy is made for aiding early language recognition and reading skill development.

What To Be Aware Of

Once content has been synced up to Teddy Ruxpin, you don't need to be connected to WiFi in order to read and sing along.

There are currently three stories built in to Teddy with seven additional stories available for purchase and download. As content and software is updated for Teddy, parents can sync the teddy bear to their computer to update the toy.

Teddy Ruxpin operates on four AA batteries, which are required but not included.

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