Super Coupe Pedal Trike Review (Simplay3)

Super Coupe Pedal Trike
What It Is

It looks like a coupe, but it's really a tricycle. The Super Coupe Pedal Trike is the best of both, giving little kids a cool-looking three-wheeler for lots of fun outside. From the back all the up to the roof it looks like a coupe riding toy. But it's got handlebar steering, a big front wheel, and pedals so that kids can ride it around just like a tricycle. You can also adjust the seat between three positions so that the Super Coupe Pedal Trike grows with your child.

Is It Fun?

This is a nice step up from one of those foot-powered coupe riding toys. It still has the coupe styling, which makes little kids feel like they're riding around in their own car, but it's actually a three-wheeler, which means that kids can get a little more speed if they just pedal faster. This is going to be a great way to get kids playing outside, being active, and having fun.

Who It’s For

The Super Coupe Pedal Trike is for ages 3 to 7 with a maximum weight limit of 69 pounds. It's a nice way to get little kids active outside and having fun.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us 20 minutes to assemble this ride-on, and we thought the front roof part was difficult to get on. However, we were able to assemble this with only the required tools of a hammer, wrench, and Phillips head screwdriver. No drill was needed.

Adjusting the seat is very easy to do. You just lift up on the seat and slide it back down into the position slot you want.

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