Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart Review (LeapFrog)

Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart
What It Is

Scoop up some fun with the Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart. This kid-sized playset lets kids make pretend ice cream combinations using four flavors of ice cream, three toppings, and three syrup flavors. The Magic Scooper brings the activity to life.

To start, turn on the cart and place one of the six double-sided activity/recipe cards in the cash register. For the cards featuring the animals, kids will hear the cart say what kind of ice cream cone the character on the card would like to order. Use the Magic Scooper to "scoop" up the right ice cream flavor and place it on the cone, then scoop up the right topping, and finish it off with the right syrup flavor. The Magic Scooper is able to identify what kids are scooping.

There are also counting games, stacking challenges, color-matching activities, and the opportunity for kids to make their own ice cream creations.

Kids can also press the bell button and the coin button to hear sound effects and counting, and there is a butterfly slide on the front that makes the decorative ice cream swirl change colors.

And with the wheels on one end of the cart, kids can push the cart around and hear songs and music.

There is built-in storage for all of the playset's accessories right on the cart to make clean-up easy.

Is It Fun?

Pretend food play is such a classic play pattern for preschoolers, and this playset includes one of kids' favorite foods: ice cream! They will have a lot of fun scooping up ice cream and making delicious-looking cones for all the animal characters, and through the play they'll be practicing counting, color-matching, sequencing, memory skills, and more. Working with the Magic Scooper is also good for those developing fine motor skills. 

Little kids are going to have a lot of fun running their own ice cream shop, whether they're using the activity cards for guided play or imagining their own fun activities and dessert creations.

Who It’s For

The Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart is for ages 2 and up. It's a very cute way for toddlers to engage in some roleplay and pretend food play while they practice memory skills, sequencing, and colors.

What To Be Aware Of

The toy comes with three AA batteries, but those power the in-store try-me features, so we recommend that you replace them before you play for best results.

The toy has two levels of volume.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AA batteries required