Pikmi Pops Surprise Pack Pops Review (Moose Toys)

Pikmi Pops Surprise Pack Pops
What It Is

The Pikmi Pops Surprise Two-Pack Pops are part of a new line of scented collectibles from Moose Toys. Pikmi Pops are packaged in blind bag packaging that's shaped like a lollipop. Remove the packaging to reveal what Pikmi Pop animals you've got inside. The two pack pops contain two sweet scented plush Pikmi Pops along with three bonus surprises inside. 

Even before you open your Pops up, you'll be able to smell them. There are 12 distinct scents, each associated with the different characters. There's banana, bubblegum, blueberry, caramel, chocolate, fruit paradise, grape, marshmallow, mint choc chip, peppermint, raspberry, and watermelon. 

Open your Pikmi Pop to find out what characters you got. For example, our Pikmi Pops included Rare characters Ebby the bunny and Ollie the bear. There are common, rare, ultra rare and limited edition Pikmi Pop characters you can collect. The ultra rare characters are fluffy, and the limited edition/super set characters are shiny.

Each has a unique appearance and a perfectly stuffed bean bag body. Your pop holds a surprise message inside as well as different types of attachments and accessories for your Pikmi Pops to take them on-the-go. Each Pop also comes with a collector's guide and a stand inside so you can display and store your Pikmi Pops in their own little lollipop-shaped homes. 

Is It Fun?

Overall we love the design of these collectibles, which may remind millennials of some other popular bean bag collectibles. But these have a great combination of factors that differentiate them from others on the market: their super sweet scents, embroidered faces/kawaii look, and the unique yet functional packaging. There is also the surprise element of never knowing which character you'll find inside.

Who It’s For

Pikmi Pops! are for ages 5 and up from Moose Toys. They will appeal to young kids for their sweet scents and collectibility as well as older kids for their unique packaging, cool patterns and textures, and accessories.

What To Be Aware Of
These surprise packs are not the only Pikmi Pops! available. Pikmi Pops! are available as single packs and in jumbo sizes. Each is sold separately. Click here for more Pikmi Pops! toy reviews.

The two-pack Pikmi Pops container can hold up to about four Pikmi Pops characters.

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