KidiBuzz Blue Review (VTech)

KidiBuzz Blue
What It Is

Your kids want a smartphone, but they're not ready, and you're tired of handing over yours? Well, VTech heard you.

Moreover, the company realized that an all-in-one that had great kid-appropriate content in a big-kid type of interface would give kids what they are really want. KidiBuzz is a handheld smart device created for kids who may be too young to have their own smartphones, but who very much want to feel "big"--and who could enjoy, and benefit from, a wide range of learning, communication tools and fun apps designed just for them.

It looks very much like a grown-up smartphone, and the size is only slightly bigger than the iPhone 6 plus. It won't exactly fit in one hand for the youngest kids, but close enough. KidiBuzz is powered by an android-based system that has a large 5-inch touchscreen, a 180-degree rotating camera, 8 gigabytes of onboard memory you can expand to 40 gigs and a super tough construction. Inside, it comes pre-loaded with learning games, a surprisingly good camera that can take photos and videos, a clock, calendar, notes program and much more. Additionally, the KidConnect app lets kids communicate with parents and approved friends between the KidiBuzz and virtually any device that can run the KidConnect app.

What's great about this is that VTech has created the ultimate big-kid experience for smaller kids. As we played with it, it was obvious that this is about as close to having a real iPhone or Android device kids can get that's easy for them to use but very satisfying to play with. We were also really impressed by the touchscreen. It's VTech's most responsive yet--and that definitely enhances the play experiences. This is where many previous devices for kids have fallen short. The fact is that once kids had gotten used to playing with an adult device, the slower speed became frustrating. No worries here. It's not exactly as fast as an iPhone, but close enough.

You can enhance the play and learning experience with tons of downloadable content from VTech's Learning Lodge, and the device will also run apps from the Amazon app store. Parents will appreciate the ability to set time limits, allow web sites, permit the use of apps and more--all of which is virtually invisible to kids.

We found the battery life to be good, connecting to WiFi easy and the whole experience very well conceived and executed. VTech recommends this for ages 4-9--and they have content that ages up that far--but the core age may be a bit younger. It's ideal for kids to have until they they are ready to have their own phones, and that's a decision each family makes. All told, this is a terrific option and a great device. Check it out. And now, you can have your own phone back.

Is It Fun?

You be this is fun! For kids who are eager to have a smart device to have one that's all their own is pretty cool.

The camera is exceptionally good for a device at this price. The games are fun for kids, and the ability to add more--and even third-party apps through the Amazon app store, means that this is worth the investment, and that kids will happily spend their time with this.

Who It’s For

KidiBuzz is designed for kids ages 4-9.

Younger kids will probably get the most out of this, as the design may seem a little juvenile for older kids.

Still, the ability to grow with the child by adding new apps, and even apps from the Amazon app store will make this a good long-term option.

What To Be Aware Of

KidiBuzz also comes in a pink version.

KidConnect and the web browser have full parental controls.

This takes a while to charge up, but it runs very well. Best idea is to check the battery level at the end of the day and plug it in overnight.

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