WWE Superstars Superstar Fashions Sasha Banks Review (Mattel)

WWE Superstars Superstar Fashions Sasha Banks
What It Is

In the world of WWE Superstars, no one messes with the boss. Of course, we're talking about Sasha Banks, the fuchsia-haired powerhouse who's a fan favorite with the WWE Superstars. Mattel has created two outstanding dolls that are sure to delight Sasha's fans. The Superstar Fashions Sasha Banks doll features legit boss Sasha in her classic ring attire, ready to use her signature move: "the Bank Statement." 

Known for bringing the bling when she's not in the ring, Sasha can change into a shiny green sheath dress that she can accessorize with her classic Boss necklace and elegant black high heel pumps. 

This doll set will inspire fans with Sasha's style and power as they thrill to her wins and her domination in the  NXT women's division.

Is It Fun?
For young fans of Sasha Banks, this is a fun doll to play with and dress up. Collectors will appreciate the great detail and style that Mattel has built into this doll that will make it a dramatic display. 
Who It’s For
The doll is graded for kids ages 6 years and up. Like all celebrity dolls, it will appeal to kids who are fans of Sasha Banks.
What To Be Aware Of

Mattel is promoting this as empowering for girls, and there's a certain amount of validity in that, particularly as the dolls featured in this collection have been steadily gaining in popularity. It's always great to see positive role models. Parents, however, will have to decide if this is good for their kids. We're pretty sure that any family where wrestling is part of their entertainment mix, these dolls will be a welcome addition.

The line also includes a basic doll versions of WWE Superstars Eva Marie, Charlotte Flair, Natlay and Brie and Nikki Bella. The Sasha Banks Ultimate Fan Pack  includes a 6-inch Sasha Banks action figure and a DVD of some of Sasha's greatest matches.

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