Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker Review (Jakks Pacific)

Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker
What It Is

You may not be able to get a Kinder Surprise egg (legally) in the U.S., but you can make your own safer version of chocolate surprise eggs with the Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker. This kit comes with everything kids need to make their eggs, including chocolate, but they get to choose what surprise to put inside and then they wrap their egg in colorful foil.

Essentially, you put a tiny toy or surprise inside one of the four plastic eggs. Then you put the plastic egg into one of the two egg molds. Then you put the egg mold into the egg mold holder. You fill the dispenser with a pouch of melted chocolate and plunge the chocolate into the egg mold so that it covers the plastic egg. Remove the egg mold and place it in the freezer for 10 minutes until the chocolate hardens. Then, wrap it up in foil and give it to a friend.

To reveal the surprise, open the plastic egg by squeezing the knobs. This breaks the plastic egg into its two halves. Then you can separate the chocolate from the egg halves and eat it.  

This comes with four bags of chocolate, but you can use your own chocolate simply by melting chocolate chips or melting wafers. Refill kits are also available that come with more reusable plastic eggs, foil wrapping papers, and chocolate measuring bags for melting your own chocolate.

Is It Fun?

Chocolate. Enough said. 

But seriously, this is a pretty easy to use kit, and because you can use chocolate from home, you know the finished product is going to taste good. (The included chocolate tastes good, too.) This is a fun way for kids to make their own surprise eggs or make eggs that they can give to friends.

Who It’s For

The Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker is for ages 6 and up. Adult supervision is required. 

This will be a fun activity for kids who enjoy creating in the kitchen and eating chocolate.

What To Be Aware Of

Parents will probably like to know that unlike the Kinder Surprise eggs, kids aren't biting into the chocolate egg they're making here. They have to break off the chocolate around the egg mold, and then open the egg to retrieve the surprise. So there's no chance of a child accidentally biting into the surprise inside. 

This kit comes with the Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker, four reusable capsules, four chocolate pouches, a dispenser, two egg molds, six foil wrapping papers, and a removable pin.

The chocolate in this kit contains milk and soy.

When you run out of the chocolate, just use your own chocolate from home.

A Chocolate Egg Surprise Refill Pack is also available and sold separately.

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