Barbie Flip and Reveal Deluxe Styling Head Review (Just Play)

Barbie Flip and Reveal Deluxe Styling Head
What It Is

Now Barbie can change up her hair color with a flip with the Barbie Flip & Reveal Deluxe Styling Head. This styling head has black hair, but give it a flip to reveal a blue side underneath. There are also barrettes, hair elastics, and a hair extension so that kids can style Barbie's hair or their own. Plus, each barrette is a different stencil, and kids can use the included marker to color in the stencil shapes on Barbie's blue hair. Or pop the marker into the mixing brush and just add streaks of pink color to the hair.

You can also add stick-on pretend nails to the doll's fingernails and decorate them with nail stickers. Or use water to change the color of the doll's nails. Dip the applicator into icy cold water and apply to the nails to give them a darker shade of pink. Do the same with warm water to take them back to a lighter shade of pink.

And Barbie's makeup has color-change effects. Cold water makes lipstick appear, and warm water takes the lips back to a more natural shade.

The styling head's hands and head can be posed to give kids better access while they're styling Barbie.

Is It Fun?

Young Barbie fans will have fun pretending to do Barbie's hair, nails, and makeup with this creative styling head. Kids can get as creative as they want when it comes to designing a new look for Barbie, and they'll also like getting to share and wear Barbie's barrettes in their own hair. 

It's a little difficult to color in the stencils so that an actual shape and not a blob ends up on the hair, and we're not sure what the two hair foils are for because there are no instructions for their use. But we're sure kids will come up with imaginative ways to incorporate those pieces into their pretend play.

Who It’s For

The Barbie Flip & Reveal Deluxe Styling Head is for ages 3 and up, but adult assistance may be required. This will inspire a lot of creative play for young Barbie fans.

What To Be Aware Of

We were never able to get our doll to have all black hair as shown on the box. There was always some blue peeking through. And when we tried to flip to blue hair, we were never able to flip the hair so that all the blue covered the top as shown on the box. It ended up looking more like black hair with large blue streaks. Which is fine, just not exactly what was pictured on the box.

It takes a very long time to prime the marker with the ink the first time you use it. This was frustrating.

The styling head comes with a hair extension, a hair brush, three hair stencil barrettes, a marker, an applicator, a mixing bowl, a mixing brush, two hair foils, two nail wheels, a sticker sheet, and four elastics.

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