Djubi Slingball Review (Blue Orange Games)

Djubi Slingball
What It Is

The Djubi Slingball from Blue Orange Games is a sports toy for kids that puts a fun twist on a classic game of catch. Instead of mitts and a ball, this set comes with two netted rackets and two special balls. The ball, called a Djubi (pronounced joo-bee), is made of foam with an elastic band built in. But it's when you pair the ball with the rackets that the magic happens; Each of the rackets has a special hook from which you can attach the ball, pull it back, and let it fly. This allows it to launch at greater distances and/or heights. Then, whoever is on the other side can catch it more easily thanks to the racket's built-in mesh pocket. 

Is It Fun?

Djubi Slingball is a fun way to play catch that feels like a cross between a slingshot and a game of lacrosse--a perfect game for outdoors, playing ball, and running around with friends.

Who It’s For

Djubi Slingball from Blue Orange Games is for ages 8 and up. It will appeal to kids that like sports such as baseball or lacrosse as well as playing outdoors. This can also be a fun one to take to park or even on the beach. 

What To Be Aware Of
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