Hype Hoverboard Review (Hover-1)

Hype Hoverboard
What It Is

If you're looking for a hoverboard with all the bells and whistles, we've found it. This is the Hype Hoverboard electric scooter from Hover-1. It's a pretty standard hoverboard in that you stand on it to balance and propel it forward with your body. The driving is excellent for electric scooters (their formal name) at this price point, which is at the high end at around $500, though there are some that cost three times that. 

The turning on this is exceptional, but it does have a pivot point in the center of the platform, which is what gives this such a nice tight turning radius. However, if you're ridden on other electric scooters in this past, this one has a bit of a learning curve. The pivot point in the center requires you to adjust your balance and can feel a little bit unsteady or insecure at first, compared to similar items with a one-piece platform.

This is also app-enabled, which allows you to connect the board to a free app and track things like distance, GPS location, where you've been and do things like change the color of the headlights. There's also a bluetooth speaker that lets you play music as you ride. You can have both the speaker and the app connected at the same time. All of the data and the music is a lot of fun, but is it really necessary? That's for you to decide. However, compared to other hoverboards we've tried, these features add some levels of fun and don't increase the cost. 

Of course, the bottom line is the riding experience, and we were impressed and we think you will be, too. Be sure to wear all protective gear when riding, and check all your local ordinances for where you can ride these. And, as with any hoverboard, if you're riding outside you'll want to pay particular attention to the surface you're riding on. We have yet to find one that can move well over uneven terrain, which could cause you to fall. 

Is It Fun?
If you're into hoverboards, this one is pretty cool, particularly if you like all the features added by the app. 

Who It’s For
Hover-1 doesn't give an age grading on this, but we really wouldn't recommend it for any kids under 10, and even then you'll want to ensure that the individual can ride this with some level of confidence and security. 

The specs say that it will accommodate riders up to 244 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of
Be sure to familiarize yourself with all the features before riding, and take time to get to know them. It's worth the investment.

Wear all appropriate safety protection when riding, including helmet, knee and elbow pads.

Pay particular attention to the  instructions for dismounting. You'll want to step backwards off the scooter.

As noted earlier, the pivot point in the center allows the hoverboard to have a very tight turning radius. However, it does change the riding experience when compared to other hoverboards with a solid riding platform. You'll want to experiment with riding and learning to move your feet in tandem for best results. Don't be surprised if it takes you a while to get used to.

Check all your local ordinances regarding where you can ride this outside. 

If you do ride outside, pay particular attention to the surface you're riding on. We didn't test this unit on the street, but we've found on other hoverboards that uneven surfaces can cause you to become unbalanced and fall, largely because the tires are not designed to accommodate those surfaces.

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