Ultra Dash Review (PlayMonster)

Ultra Dash
What It Is

Get ready to dash into some outrageous fun with a game that gives kids a workout both mentally and physically. Ultra Dash from Play Monster is a dynamic game that challenges kids to follow patterns, move quickly and, best of all, create their own challenges. 

The game comes the tagger (which takes 3 triple A batteries that are included.) and 5 targets. There are three games to select--beat the clock, target tally and relay. Simply set the tagger to the game you want to play by pushing the appropriate button. To set up, place the targets pretty much anywhere to create your own course. Set them around a room, or outside. 

In the first game, Beat the Clock, player compete to see how quickly they can tag each target. To start, pull the trigger on the tagger, then run to the target and place the foot of the tagger in it to register the hit. Oh, and you have to follow the sequence of colors that are flashing on the tagger by tagging the color that is flashing. When you've hit all five targets, you'll get a time. The goal is to beat that time on each successive round. In Target Tally, the goal is the same--to hit all five targets--but you select the time in which to do it in increments of 10 seconds. The final game is great for a party or a larger play date. It's called Relay Race. Divide the players into two equal teams and then take turns with each player having to hit all five targets. The team with the fastest overall time wins. And, there's one other feature that we really like about this: The colors go in the same sequence, unless you hit the randomizer button, and that changes the order when it's pressed before each new game. 

The combination of physical play and puzzle-solving is what makes this unique, fun and something kids will enjoy playing again and again. 

Is It Fun?

We really like this for active kids who love to run around and solve problems. Because kids are in control of the course, they're in control of the level of challenge, too. That means that they will be able to create different and  increasingly difficult challenges for themselves and their opponents. Designing different courses becomes part of the play, adding a new dimension of creativity to it because they will inevitably love challenging each other as part of the competition. 

Do you make the targets hard to find? Or do you put them far apart so kids really have to move to beat the clock? This creative engagement keeps the challenges fresh in each successive game.

The different play modes make this great for solo play, one-on-one challenges or a great party or play date game.

Who It’s For
The game is designed for kids ages 6 years and up. 

Kids who love to be active and love puzzles will enjoy this. 

Younger kids may want to try to play, but you'll want to adjust the difficulty of the course to accommodate them. 

What To Be Aware Of

Make sure when you're setting it up that you switch the tagger from "try me" mode to "on." 

The tagger requires three triple-A batteries, which are included.

The tagger needs to be inserted into the target straight up and down and all the way  in order for the tag to be recognized. So it's going to be best to put them where that's easy for kids to do. (For example, you don't want to have to reach too high to have to hit the target.) If the tag doesn't register, try again. You'll always know when you've connected as the tagger records it and flashes a new color. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AAA batteries required