Get a Grip Review (Hasbro)

Get a Grip
What It Is

You won't be all thumbs in the game Get a Grip because you can't use your thumbs to play. This makes simple tasks harder and results in some silly gameplay. 

The object of the game is to earn cards by completing challenges without using your thumbs. Challenges involve sculpting objects out of clay, drawing, and performing different tasks. The first person to collect three cards wins the game.

To prevent players from using their thumbs, the game comes with four "No-Thumb" Bands. On your turn, you wrap up both of your hands in these bands, then draw the top card from the challenge deck, read it aloud, and pick an opponent. The opponent wears the other set of bands. 

If you pick a Sculpt It card, you might have one minute and 30 seconds to sculpt, for example, an angry snowman. If you pick a Draw It card, you might have 30 seconds to draw a robot. And if you pick a Do It card, you might have to fold a piece of paper in half three times. The player who successfully completes the challenge keeps the card and starts the next challenge.

Some of the cards are wild cards, which means the player who flipped over the card gets to make up a challenge. And if you want even more of a challenge, tuck all of your fingers into the "No-Thumb" Bands.

Is It Fun?
This is going to be a very silly, fast-paced game. Some of the challenges will be easier to do than others, but they're called challenges for a reason, so they all have some level of difficulty to them. We like that this is a game of head-to-head challenges and that some of them are timed to up the pressure and suspense. And we think that kids, especially, are going to have fun seeing what results of a thumbless clay sculpting job.
Who It’s For
Get a Grip is for three or more players ages 8 and up. The game is easy for players to learn but definitely a challenge. This would make a fun addition to your next family game night. Kids, especially, are going to like the silliness of the game.
What To Be Aware Of

The game comes with four "No-Thumb" Bands, two cans of sculpting clay, two drawing pads, 60 challenge cards, and game rules.

You'll need to provide your own drawing tools for the Draw It challenges.

For the Do It challenges, you'll need 12 plastic or paper cups, elastic bands, two pairs of shoes with laces, two button-up shirts, two zip-up jackets, two pillows with pillowcases, two coins of the same size, two re-sealable bags, and a sticky note pad.

The "No-Thumb" Bands are machine-washable.

The sculpting clay contains wheat.

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