Coinhole Review (Hasbro Gaming)

What It Is

Coinhole is a game that will remind people of playing the party game of Quarters. Coinhole comes with two wooden boards the have one coin hole in each, and four coins, two red and blue. The instructions have three different ways to play: Relay, Team Coinhole, and Speed Chase. No matter the game, its all about bouncing a coins off a tabletop and getting them in the hole.

Is It Fun?
For fans of the classic quarters game, this one will bring back memories. New players will get into the action with a version that's suitable for the whole family. It's a skill and action game that the more you play, the better you will most likely get. That's the skill part. 
Who It’s For
This game is for ages 8+ and can be played solo, with just two people, or with a larger group with the new rules they came up with for group play

What To Be Aware Of
If you need more coins, you could always use a quarter. Younger kids might get frustrated as their is a definite skill to bouncing a coin of a table into a hole, but learning to play is what keeps them coming back to try again. 
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