VEX Robotics Explorers Fuel Truck Review (Hexbug)

VEX Robotics Explorers Fuel Truck
What It Is

To explore space, you need the right vehicle, and that's what kids get with the VEX Robotics Explorers Fuel Truck. This 65-piece construction set is all about letting kids build a realistic model for pretend space exploration.

To build the Fuel Truck, just follow the instructions to snap the pieces together. The green, black, and white truck has four big wheels, a rotating satellite dish on top, and a moveable fuel hose on the back. You can even lift up the cab and place the included astronaut action figure inside. (You'll need to remove the figure's backpack to do this.)

Is It Fun?

This toy has some hands-on building play along with creative storytelling, and it will really be fun for kids who enjoy construction toys and who are interested in space. They'll enjoy pretending to drive the truck around and help the astronaut fuel up. It's a nice vehicle to play with on its own, but when added to other VEX Robotics Explorers sets, sold separately, there's even more play.

Who It’s For

The VEX Robotics Explorers Fuel Truck is for ages 6 to 12. Kids who like construction sets and space will like the combination of the two play patterns in this one toy.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us just five minutes to build this set, and the instructions were easy to follow.

This is compatible with other VEX Robotics Explorers sets, sold separately.

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