Ben 10 Ben Tennyson & Grey Matter Basic Action Figure Review (Playmates Toys)

Ben 10 Ben Tennyson & Grey Matter Basic Action Figure
What It Is

Earlier this year, Cartoon Network rebooted one of its most popular franchises, Ben 10. This time the superhero action show follows the adventures of Ben Tennyson, his cousin Gwen and his grandfather Max on a road trip where Ben discovers the Omnimatrix, a device that transforms him into different aliens - each with its own power.


Kids who want to act out Ben's adventures can take home new 5-inch action figures from Playmates. The first wave includes Ben, along with five of his alien forms and two villains. An additional wave will be released later this year with more of Ben's forms and an additional villain.

Ben has eleven points of articulation and comes with one of the best accessories in the line - Grey Matter, a super-smart miniature alien that would have been disappointing if released as a separate figure. Ben's forearm also twists so that you can move the Omnimatrix around.


Altogether, this line is a lot of fun and well worth the $8.99 MSRP for each figure. While there aren't a ton of action features, it's a great imaginative play set that extends any kid's fascination with Ben 10.

Is It Fun?

The detail and paint on these figures make them almost look exactly like the cartoons, which kids will love. 

Beyond the look, the figures have multiple points of articulation, allowing kids to pose each character and create - or recreate - their own action scenes.Also, each figure in the line comes with custom accessories. Parents will love the sturdy construction because these figures seem difficult to break.

Who It’s For

This line is great! The figures are chunky, which makes them easy for kids with small hands to play with. This is especially important considering the target age of 4+ for the line.

What To Be Aware Of
This is not a one-and-done toy line. Each figure in the line is sold separately, so if you anyone who wants to have Ben and all his forms plus villains will have to purchase a lot of toys.
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