3D Color Blanks Review (RoseArt)

3D Color Blanks
What It Is

Color in the blanks with this new design kit. Here we have four new RoseArt Color Blanks, which are essentially three-dimensional coloring kits that come with five markers and one color-in character. What differentiates these Color Blanks is their grooved/embossed design. Most Color Blank characters have traditionally had a smooth surface to color in. This one offers a more structured approach to coloring, while still giving kids the ability to customize each figure to their own liking thanks to the included set of five permanent markers. Here are some tips for working with the grooved designs: 1) Color in the raised parts first so that if you go over the edge it will be covered. Think of it like giving an outline to your designs. 2) The markers can take a bit of time to dry on the vinyl surface so work slowly and be aware that the ink may get on your hands. 3) It's easy to work right to left or left to right depending on whether you are a righty or a lefty to avoid smudging the ink. 

Is It Fun?
This is a fun basic coloring activity kit that encourages kids to customize their Color Blanks however they wish. It also adds a bit of structure to the art project for kids that might still need a little extra inspiration, thanks to the ridged design.
Who It’s For

The RoseArt Color Blanks are for ages 6 and up. Kids that like to customize and personalize their work and/or spaces will enjoy adding these display-ready craft projects. 

What To Be Aware Of
It can be difficult to color in the smaller areas, especially the grooved portions, such as under the foxes' snout.

The Color Blanks are available in an assortment of animal motifs, including a fox, owl, cat, and hedgehog.

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