Ice Cream Truck Review (Playmobil)

Ice Cream Truck
What It Is

The Ice Cream Truck is part of the Playmobil City Life line and is intended for children 4 and up. The ice cream truck comes with one adult ice cream man, two children, an ice cream truck, decals, play ice cream, scoopers, spoons, dishes, a blender and a table. An adult will need to help with the assembly of the ice cream and truck, and application of the decals. The figures' hands are built to hold their tasty treats, spoons and scoopers. Their heads swivel, their arms swing and they can bend at the waist. There are some cool, fun details "sprinkled" about the play-set, like the truck's license plate and the children's Saturn-decal shirt and cargo pants. The ice cream truck has a full kitchen, and at the end of the day, the ice cream man can close up shop and drive home. All Playmobil sets can be mixed and matched with other sets. 

Is It Fun?
Yes. Children love ice cream and they will enjoy this play-set.  Additional fun for toy-truck enthusiasts. 
Who It’s For
Children 4 and up.  Younger kids will have fun too, but the smaller ice cream pieces are a choking hazard and should be kept away from any children or pets who might put them in their mouths. 
What To Be Aware Of
There are small, choking-hazard, pieces. 
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