101 Outrageously Fun Things To Do Review (Klutz)

101 Outrageously Fun Things To Do
What It Is

101 Outrageously Fun Things to Do is an activity book for kids. This is a 76-page book with tons of ideas and inspiration to bust your boredom! Each activity has a different level of difficulty which appeals to a wide age range.This creative kit includes an instruction book, finger eyes, putty and a spinner. Ideas inside the book include a secret handshake, connect the dots, jokes, cootie catcher, magic tricks, coloring pages and so much more.  

Is It Fun?

This activity book is perfect for road trips or on the airplane. Itís also perfect for those , "mom, Iím bored" moments, and is great to have around on rainy or snow days. We love the creative games and activity suggestions. Kids will really get into these classic games. This toy encourages creative play and hands on learning. 

Who It’s For

The 101 Outrageously Fun Things to Do kit is for ages 6 and up. This is ideal for elementary aged children. 

What To Be Aware Of
Supplies are included for most of the activities. 
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy