Huggs Contour Review (Abiie)

Huggs Contour
What It Is

The Huggs Countour baby carrier is a new design in baby carriers that features a booster seat built into the carrier. This carrier is for babies 4 months and up and allows the wearer to carry the baby four different ways. Front inward carry, front outward carry, back carry and hip carry. In the hip carry position, the baby is not harnessed in but sits on the booster attached to the wearer's hips. The carrier is padded to offer comfort for both baby and wearer while the built-in booster seat is comfortable for baby and the ergonomic design makes sure baby is seated in a healthy position. Breathable mesh panels allow air to flow through this carrier and a side pocket on the waist allows parents to access essentials easily. Thoughtful details like a teething pad and a sleeping hood are all for the comfort of the baby. A dual layer center panel is there for adding warmth while a zipper allows you to detach the seat for washing. Make sure to detach the seat before washing.

Why Is It Useful?

This is a really great baby carrier that is ideal for babywearing. We really like all the attention to detail like the padded straps, waist, teething pad, sleeping hood and center panel layer. The booster seat is a very cool new touch that will come in handy while carrying older babies. This carrier is great for parents to be close to their new baby while also having their hands free. It's a great way to always have baby close by while around the house, or going on walks or even just rocking baby to sleep.

Who It’s For

The Huggs Contour baby carrier is for use with babies 4 months up to 48 months.

What To Be Aware Of

For the reviewer's 5'4 frame, the booster seat felt a bit bulky in the front carry position and the hip position. However, in the back carry position, this was comfortable and seemed to help take some of the weight off the back. We would highly recommend trying this carrier on to see how the booster seat fits your body.

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