Barbie Fashionistas Camo Comeback Ken Review (Mattel)

Barbie Fashionistas Camo Comeback Ken
What It Is

Mattel's Barbie Fashionistas line has expanded to include 15 diverse Ken dolls including Camo Comeback Ken. Camo Comeback Ken features a broad body type, which is a new feature with Barbie. He has dirty blonde hair, and hazel colored eyes. Dressed in a gray and white long sleeved t-shirt that says Malibu with a #1 on it, camouflage shorts, and white slip on shoes, this doll has a trendy, cool look. It can stand on its own, and is posable for play or display. Additional Ken dolls in the Barbie Fashionistas line are sold separately, and include dolls with three body types, seven skin tones, eight hair colors, and nine hair styles.

Is It Fun?

Featuring the new broad body type, this Ken doll is a fun, new addition to the Barbie brand. It offers imaginative play to kids who play with Barbie dolls. It's also a fun option for an adult collection. 

Who It’s For

Camo Comeback Ken, and the rest of the Next Gen Ken line is recommended for ages 3 years old and up. Though they were designed for imaginative play for kids, we think adults will enjoy collecting these dolls as well for their modern looks.  

What To Be Aware Of

There are currently 15 Ken dolls available in Mattel's Barbie Fashionistas line. The collection features dolls with three different body types, seven skin tones, eight hair colors, and nine hair styles. Each Ken doll is posable, and can stand on its own. They are sold separately.

Girls who plays with Barbie typically have one Ken for every seven Barbie dolls. This line offers a fun way to expand their collections with more variety to choose from.
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