Silly Scents Marker Maker Review (Crayola)

Silly Scents Marker Maker
What It Is

What colors do you want to color with? It's all up to you with the Silly Scents Marker Maker, which lets kids create their own custom markers in minutes. The Snapping Tool makes it easy to assemble the marker parts, while the Measuring Tube makes it easy to mix the three scented colors to create new colors. Just follow the Color Mixing Guide to see how much of blue, yellow, and red to mix to create 15 different colors and name them. 

And because this is part of the Silly Scents line of markers, the finished markers in this kit will have a fruity scent.

The kit also comes with scratch and sniff stickers, colorable stickers, and colorable marker boxes for storing your finished markers.

Is It Fun?

Making these markers could not be easier, and there is a lot of customization with this kit, from making the colors to naming them and even decorating the marker box. Kids who like coloring with Crayola markers are really going to like making some of their own markers and the fun, fruity scent as they color and draw.

Even though kids aren't making their own scents, they will still have fun making their own colors. And the scented stickers will provide a more varied fragrant addition to kids' creations.

Who It’s For
The Silly Scents Marker Maker is for ages 6 and up. This is going to be a fun and creative activity for kids who like coloring and drawing with Crayola markers.
What To Be Aware Of
The kit comes with three scented ink bottles, a snapping tool, a color mixing guide, two color-in marker boxes, 16 marker part sets, tweezers, 24 colorable stickers, a measuring tube, 16 scratch and sniff stickers, and instructions.
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