PJ Masks Catboy Dress Up Set Review (Just Play)

PJ Masks Catboy Dress Up Set
What It Is

The PJ Masks Catboy dress-up set, from Just Play, is for crime-fighters ages 3-and-up, and fit sizes 4-to-6x. PJ Masks is an animated Disney Jr show that debuted in 2015. Catboy is the feline leader of the group, and his dress-up set includes one shirt and one mask. The masks are made of plastic and can be adjusted in the back. The masks look great, and in fact, look exactly like the masks that the PJ team themselves wear. They fit well and are comfortable, but I do want to caution that they offer limited peripheral sight. The shirts are made of 100% polyester, are fitted with velcro, and should be hand-washed. Owlette and Gekko dress-up sets are sold separately. 

Is It Fun?

Yes! Children love super-heroes as much as they love dress-up time. Disney Jr's PJ Mask is a fun cartoon, full of plenty of adventure and kids will have a blast dressing up as Catboy. 

Who It’s For
Crime-fighters 3+, fans of PJ Masks, and any child who enjoys dress-up and pretend play.  
What To Be Aware Of
The masks limit peripheral vision.  Owlette and Gekko sold separately. 
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy