Silicone Jewellery Flat Stackable Review (Nibbly Bits)

Silicone Jewellery Flat Stackable
What It Is

Silicone Jewelry Flat Stackable is a fashionable bracelet for moms with a practical use for babies. This is a 100% food grade silicone teething bracelet to be worn by moms. This bracelet is not only for moms but for babies as well. Babies can safely chew on these large bracelets to help calm their cutting gums. Moms will enjoy having these as fab fashion statements to add to their daily wear. These bracelets come in various colors and can be worn as stackables for bonus fashion points!

Why Is It Useful?

This is a great product for moms of young kids. The soft silicone is perfect for teething gums and moms will always have a teething soother ready to go when baby needs it.

Who It’s For

Silicone Jewelry Flat Stackable is for use by moms for babies from birth and up. This is especially useful for babies and toddlers who are teething.

What To Be Aware Of

This is available in various colors. Additional accessories like necklaces are available too. Each is sold separately.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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