Blitzfire Review (Prime Time Toys)

What It Is
Sometimes a blaster battle calls for targeted strategy. That's when you'll want these. This is the Blitzfire two blaster set from Prime Time Toys. Part of the company's Dart Zone line of high performance, great value blasters.

These small quick-shot, 6-dart blasters are great for stealth and precision when you're taking on your opponents. They're lightweight and easy to use, too. Load six foam darts into the chamber. You can load either side by simply sliding the darts in. (By the way, we think that's a great feature since a lot of blasters can be awkward for lefties.)

To fire, pull back on the top slide and pull the trigger. The barrel advances with each shot, so you have six opportunities to hit your target if quick succession. Prime Time says the darts will fly up to 80 feet, and we found that to be consistently pretty accurate.

Is It Fun?
Well, first, there are two blasters in the set, so that means you can instantly be in a battle. They're lightweight and easy to blast with, so they could even be used in concert with a larger blaster for close-in blasting. Easy loading means you're not going to be out of the action for long.
Who It’s For
Prime Time Toys recommends this for 8 years and up. We think that younger children will be able to handle these because they are lightweight and well balanced. They're great for any blaster fan who's looking for strong performance and excellent value.
What To Be Aware Of
You have to pull back on the top slide between each shot and to advance the darts. The darts advance and fire when you pull the trigger, which is slightly different from some other blasters.

When loading the darts, be sure to seat them snugly all the way in the barrel. Just a little pressure does the trick. If darts are not all the way in, they may jam as the barrel advances. If that happens, simply pull it out and re-insert. By the way, this is one of the easiest jam-clearing blasters we've found.

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