Boom Blast Stix Review (Moose Toys)

Boom Blast Stix
What It Is

This is Boom Blast Stix, a new game from Moose Games, a division of Moose Toys. It is a fast-paced, time-ticking game thatís as much about skill as it is about luck. The gameplay is simple and straightforward from the start. Players take turns locking Stix pieces into place, then ever so carefully placing it on top of the gaming surface. The playing surface, which doubles as the packaging lid, can be played on top of the packaging or on a tableójust make sure the surface is flat. This is a kind of like a stacking game like Jenga only in this case itís a misplaced Stix piece that can bring the whole game down. Each Stix piece is spring loaded; when locked into position they give you the impression of being secure, but donít be fooled. As you continue to place Stix pieces and stack them, you want to make sure you arenít putting too much weight/pressure on another Stixódo so and the whole stack will blow. The first player to make the Stix stack blow loses the game. 

Is It Fun?

What we like about the game is the ease of play, the overall visual effect of the blast, and the surprise factor of never knowing when your Stix stack will blast. We also like that there is some strategy involved; the more you play, the more youíll start to strategize where to make your next move.

Who It’s For

Boom Blast Stix is for ages 6 and up from Moose Games. It will appeal to players that like easy-to-play games that don't require a lot of instruction but still require a bit of strategy. It will also appeal to those players that like skill-and-action games with a surprise factor.

What To Be Aware Of

If a Stix falls off without causing an explosion during your turn, you must then place all fallen Stix before the game can continue. 

In the rare case, you place every Stix without causing an explosion, as the directions say, ďCall your local authorities and notify them of your badass-ery.Ē

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy