Teifoc Run 'N' Roll Marble Run Review (Eitech)

Teifoc Run 'N' Roll Marble Run
What It Is
The Teifoc Run n Roll Marble Set, from Eitech, is intended for children, ages 6 and up and comes with over 200 pieces, including 162 brick pieces, a mixing bowl, a trowel, cement mixture, 48 plastic marble-run pieces, and 5 marbles. There are two elements to the Marble Run: building the set, with brick towers and plastic marble runs; and watching the marbles run and roll. The set starts with real, reusable bricks, made of cooked clay. The bricks are cemented by using soluble sand and corn-extract mortar. Add water to the cement powder, and you're ready to start building. The instructions for making the cement and laying bricks are simple and clear, but there may be some difficulty making sure each brick lays flat and straight. Most of the marble-run pieces are easy to put together but some are difficult to snap tight.  Nonetheless, construction of the marble-run was quick and easy. Children will enjoy watching the marbles roll, but with so many different, and often complex marble runs on the market, it's unclear how much repeat play this set will produce, as compared to others.  The more exciting element of this set is the actual mixing of cement and laying down bricks.  All of Teifoc's sets are great for hands-on STEM based learning, and the bricks can always be soaked, cleaned and used again. 
Is It Fun?
Watching marbles roll is always fun, and creating the run is an exciting addition to this set.  
Who It’s For
Children who like to build things beyond just stacking or clicking pieces together.  
What To Be Aware Of
Adult supervision is recommended for younger children.  Use care when laying down bricks.
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  • Repeat Play

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