3D Puzzle Sneaker Review (Ravensburger)

3D Puzzle Sneaker
What It Is

The 3D Puzzle Sneaker from Ravensburger is a 108-piece puzzle shaped liked a trendy sneaker that doubles as a pencil holder. With a patriotic design, the American style sneaker, which resembles a high-top Converse sneaker, would make a cool accessory for a desk or bedroom, while offering kids a fun activity. Following the included instructions, kids ages 8 years old and up first put together the base of the sneaker, then attach the 108 sturdy, plastic pieces. Each piece has a number inside, making it easier to assemble. The pieces fit together perfectly with Ravensburger’s Easyclick Technology. It took our TTPM builder 15 minutes to assemble. Once completed, the sneaker puzzle measures 8.5-inches x 3-inches x 5-inches. The last step is adding the blue insert, which serves as a cup for storing for pens, rulers, markers, or anything else. 

Is It Fun?

This 3D puzzle has a cool sneaker shape, giving it a unique look. Kids or adults can assemble the puzzle, and then use it as a pen holder. It's completely functional once assembled, and can hold pens, pencils, markers, scissors, and other things. Putting the puzzle together is a fun activity. With numbered pieces, and Ravensburger’s Easyclick Technology, we found it easy enough to do. The American flag design gives it a patriotic look, and feel. 

Who It’s For

This 3D puzzle is recommended for kids ages 8 years old and up. It will appeal to kids or adults who enjoy puzzles, and patriotism, as well as those who collect or are fans of sneakers.

What To Be Aware Of

The 3D Puzzle Sneaker from Ravensburger is a 108-piece three dimensional puzzle. When put together, it is shaped liked a sneaker that resembles a high-top Converse shoe. It measures 8.5-inches x 3-inches x 5-inches. Each of the 108 pieces is numbered for easier assembly. It took our TTPM builder 15 minutes to assemble.

A different sneaker design is also available, and sold separately. 

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