CLIC Shoulder Leash 7/16", 11mm Review (High 5 Dogs)

CLIC Shoulder Leash 7/16
What It Is

The Clic Shoulder Leash, part of the Metropolitan Collection from High 5 Dogs, is for active pet parents who need different types of leashes for different activities.  The Clic Shoulder leash eliminates the need for multiple leashes and even substitutes as a collar because it's convertible in many ways.  The Clic Shoulder Leash comes in a lovely storage pouch and it's made from a tough, proprietary rope developed by High 5 Dogs.  Each leash has metal hardware and leather accents that are also designed by High 5 Dogs which are both stylish and functional.  With a few simple clicks you can have a leash to walk your dog hands free with the leash over your shoulder, use it as a traditional leash, a tether, a fixed collar, a semi slip collar or a training slip lead collar. The Clic leash may be a bit pricey for some pet parents on a budget but if you consider how many different leads and collars you would have to buy to perform all the configurations of the Clic Shoulder Leash,  it may make the higher price-tag seem a bit more reasonable. 

Why Is It Useful?
The Clic Shoulder Leash is multi-dimensional since it can be configured to be a leash, a shoulder leash, a tether, a short leash, even a slip collar or semi-slip collar.  Because it's convertible it's great for hikes, pet friendly cafes, running or anything you might think of.
Who It’s For
The Clic Shoulder Leash from High 5 Dogs is for active pet parents that like to take their furry pals on all of their excursions because of it's versatility.  The leash comes in different thicknesses and sizes for any type of dog.
What To Be Aware Of
The Clic Shoulder Leash comes in different sizes and colors.  Matching collars are sold separately. 
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