NaturalFit mi-cro Orthodontic Pacifiers Pink Review (Chicco)

NaturalFit mi-cro Orthodontic Pacifiers Pink
What It Is

Pacifiers pacify babies, which parents love, but sometimes parents are concerned about proper oral development by giving their baby a pacifier, especially a newborn. That's why Chicco developed the NaturalFit mi-cro Orthodontic Pacifiers for newborns to 2 months. 

These pacifiers are designed to promote natural positioning and movement of a baby's tongue while evenly distributing pressure against the palate. They do that through an angled nipple shape and tiny ridges and grooves on the underside of the nipple. And the narrow nipple base allows for extra flexibility and optimal closure of the mouth.

Plus, the nipples have a satin-textured silicone for more comfort and to prevent the pacifier from too easily slipping out of baby's mouth.

And the ergonomic shield around the nipple is smaller than on other pacifiers, giving it a more lightweight feel. It also has ventilation holes for air circulation and to help prevent saliva from gathering.

The NaturalFit mi-cro Orthodontic Pacifiers come in sets of two in either blue or pink. The pink ones have a crown and the words "Little Princess" on them. You can use the package of the pacifiers as a reusable and sterilizable storage case.

Why Is It Useful?

These pacifiers will be a great option with a newborn for parents who plan on using pacifiers. They are smaller and more lightweight for the youngest babies, but they still have the orthodontic features that will help support proper oral development and give parents peace of mind.

Who It’s For

The NaturalFit mi-cro Orthodontic Pacifiers are for babies from birth to 2 months. The pink color will probably make these appeal more to parents of baby girls.

What To Be Aware Of

Before using the pacifiers for the first time, make sure you sterilize them in boiling water for five minutes.

These pacifiers are also available in a set of two blue pacifiers, sold separately.

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